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RRD Printing History

Experience. Reliability. Clarity.
Rich in history and modern in practice, we are defined by our unwavering focus. On customers. On innovation. On progress. These principles are key to our vision, and have been for more than 150 years.


About LSC Communications

LSC Communications is a $3.5B company with over 20,000 employees worldwide that serves the needs of publishers, merchandisers and retailers with innovative product, service and technology, print services and management to increase speed to market, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.

LSC helps organizations communicate more effectively by working to create, manage, produce, distribute and process content on behalf of our customers.  LSC's innovative technologies enhance print communications to deliver integrated messages across multiple media to highly targeted audiences at optimal times for clients in virtually every private and public sector. Strategically located operations provide local service and responsiveness while leveraging the economic, geographic and technological advantages of a global organization.

LSC was recently created by a split of the RR Donnelley Company and so shares its rich, elaborate history, beginnning in 1864 in the printing industry.  

Lakeside Classics

Lakeside Classics

 A volume of The Lakeside Classics series has been published annually since 1903 as a holiday gift to employees, customers and friends of RR Donnelley.  The basic format of the Lakeside Classics has remained the same for more than 100 years, testifying to the sound design of the first volume.  The book was bound in a plain dark-green cloth cover. It was stamped, in real gold that also adorned the top-edge, with the R. R. Donnelley Indianhead logo that had been created by Chicagoan Joseph Leyendecker.rint For Over 100 Years, The Lakeside Classic Showcases Cutting Edge Book Production with Topics of American History .  

October 2016 marks the next chapter in the history of Lakeside Classics and the split of the parent RR Donelley and Company into three unique companies.  It is from this classic provenance the name - LSC Communications - was chosen.



September 2016, LSC Communications was approved as an official printer of FAA publications.